Mince alors!

This movie just came out:

The trailer begins with a man telling his wife: “Depuis qu’on est à Paris, je suis stressé, je bosse comme un malade; je ne m’occupe plus de toi.”

Essentially, he says he’s been neglecting her and wants to reward her to apologize for it. The “reward” in question is a ticket to a slimming clinic.

The synopsis in French here. English below:

—Nina is young, beautiful and a little bit round. Unfortunately, her husband Gaspard only likes women who are skinny as twigs… especially since they moved to Paris to launch their new edgy swimwear line. To try to seduce him all over again, Nina accepts – with a heavy heart – his gift of a ticket to visit a slimming clinic in Brides-les-Bains, considered the last hope for those who have tried everything.

There, she meets Sophie, a beautiful lawyer from Marseille who is as much of a control freak about her body as she is about her heart. Not to mention Emilie, a chubby housewife who’s proclaims “Big is beautiful” while her love life is at a standstill and her weight is starting to put her at risk.

Anyway, gender and body issues aside, what’s most immediately interesting linguistically is the title Mince alors!

French mince in its primary meaning is “skinny”, which rings true to the theme of the film. “Go to the clinic and ahah; you’re skinny!”

However, mince is also an interjection or mild swear along the lines of “damn… crumbs… criminy”.

But the expression Mince alors means “holy cow!”

I’d be interested in knowing what the English version title would be.


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